Friday, 8 February 2013

Operation Vote 2013 - A Message to My Kenyan Colleagues

 It was supposed to be operation 2012 but it moved to 2013. How longer can/could we wait? 

No more, time should be taken, we should act now. I am acting now? Are you? This is my country…. My country, my pride. I shall be responsible for the positive growth, development and addressing challenges facing my country because I own a stake of it. 

The battle is here, who will win? The best battles are collective, coordinated ones and they bear much more impact as compared single-handed battles. 

Kina dada na kaka, je tuko tayari? Maisha ya leo na kesho yadumu juu yako na mimi. Je, ndugu na dada zangu, vijana/watoto walio wachanga watasemaje juu yetu maka ijayo? Tutakuwa mashujaa au vipi? Kenya ni yako, Kenya ni yangu. Mwaka ndo huo; Katiba tuliyoipigania pamoja na dada na kaka zetu walio umri mkuu ipo na ni wajibu wetu kuitimiza ndoto. 

Chukua hatua sasa. Elimisha mkenya mwenzako kuhusu uchaguzi bora, kiongozi bora kwa maisha bora yatakayodumu. Himiza wakenya kupiga kura.  This is the time my dear sisters and brother to enlighten fellow Kenyans and engage actively in election of a suitable, reliable and responsible leadership for a sustainable positive future of our great country. Let us be heroes of the world. 

Kenya is known for its greatness and fellow Africans are hoping that we can put our leadership in good order. Quoting Prof. Darkoh of Botswana in a discussion here in South Africa 2 months ago (November 29, 2012 during GIS day), he said  “Kenya is a great and an iconic country in Africa and it can lead Africa to greater heights if only you got good and responsible leadership. This ethnic divisions and fights are really working against your country and we hope that it shall be addressed soon”  The challenge to me and you my fellow Kenyan is “can we unite on issue based politics and issue based leadership as opposed to person and ethnic based leadership?” 

We are unique in our own right and we need to explore our potential in 2013 and beyond. You may ask what my role is while I am so far (In South Africa)? Though far, I am so much in Kenya. I offer guidance and advises to my mentees who are running for office; most of whom are older than me. I offer advisory services to the electorate as well. My emails and facebook inbox are usually so full of mails and messages requesting for clarification, advise and views on various political issues. In as much as I would have loved to ignore all these given my tight “official” schedules, I feel very much obligated and responsible to respond to matters concerning my country’s development and also my County, Makueni. 
Every action counts no matter how small. Your action counts no matter your age, color, race, orientation, height, status, distance from home country or county. 

The real scorers of a goal in any game are the players in the field and not the spectators or cheerleaders. The big question for each of us as the youth and professional is “will you be a spectator or a player in the political game?” Let us actively participate in all ways possible and take good advantage of the opportunities right now for a better tomorrow.  

As we get to the ballot box, let us get be conscious and vote in leaders who understand and act on inclusive & friendly policy issues, development issues and defend our country. Let us start engaging early, plan early, work harder than before to get the best leadership and work towards proper implementation of the constitution. 
This is a litmus test my dear sisters and brothers. Proper and quality leadership should be our goal and vision 2020. Let us start now towards 2013. 

N/B: This is an edited version of my winning blog  in the "Akina dada, operation Vote 2013" blogging competition by Young Women Leadership Institute.