Thursday, 9 October 2014

Advocating for Youth Development and Volunteerism

I would like to share an article on my work for the last few years as shared on the 500 DAYS, 400 WAYS platform. Click HERE for the full story.

"Agnetta has great passion for volunteerism and youth development. She has successfully engaged in volunteer centre establishment and coordination and organizing the International volunteer days in Kenya and South Africa. She promotes volunteerism as a tool for personal and community development across the world. As the youth representative of International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE), Agnetta actively supports in the shaping of the youth strategies. She has been a VSO organisation development specialist in Southern Africa for 2 years.

Volunteerism is very unique as it cuts across all fields of expertise and is all inclusive.

Agnetta has teamed with young leaders and experts across the world to promote and run flourishing volunteer movements, events and campaigns such as the IAVE’s Global Youth Volunteers (Pursue your passion, Build your skills, Multiply your Impact), the Global Youth Service Day (GYSD), Africa Peace and Service Corps and PFGF. These initiatives bring together thousands of youth, youth organisations, schools, and Companies and governments to learn about service impact and participate in personal and career development activities both at global and local (community) level. 

As a social entrepreneur, she has established enterprises which support communities and help solve cyclic challenges within rural and marginalized communities.

She is the Founder and board chair of the PFGF which seeks to utilize business strategies in solving community needs of Education, Health, Water Access and Food. The organisation has great partnership with global companies and NGOs and operates the first and so far only free-to-access community library in Makueni County, Kenya stocked with learning resources and fully powered networked computers. To learn more about PfGF, please visit
Besides this, she is a fellow at the Promethean World and Education Fast Forward which addresses learner and educator issues relating to technology, business and policies.  And has worked with Universities, Volunteer organisations in training, capacity building and advising on volunteer matters."

I must say it is very humbling to be featured on international platforms like this one. It gives a greater challenge to up my game in promoting sustainable development in my county Makueni, country Kenya, continent Africa and the world at large.

NB: Please sign the Call to Action for Volunteerism to be included in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which is the post 2015 strategy on this link.