Monday, 18 March 2013

10 Reasons Why I Believe in & Happy Kivutha Kibwana is My Governor

  1.  He loves God;
  2. He is an enlightened professional, IT savvy and a person of high   integrity; This makes him a good manager of the county resources;
  3.  He is reality Driven: focuses on here and now most and into the   future with little attention of the past. This, I believe will transform Makueni County into the “Asia” of Kenya;
  4. He has the ‘feel’ of the youth and women;
  5. He is calm, collected, intelligent;
  6. He has great knowledge and has good land policies: This will help in cushioning Makueni county from issues of boundaries both county level (Konza and Voi) and local level;
  7. He is warm to people and connects with all levels of people; He has great networks;  His poetic skills are excellent and always have a message. I remember his poem in Kikumini Parish in 2006 which was very touching;
  8. He is passionate about his work;
  9. He is aware of sustainable development strategies for Makueni County;
  10. He is a team player and believes in people.