Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Life - Created for God's Purpose

Over the years, I have been doing community service work in the social and economic development with all ranges of generations. Along the way, I have met and worked with great people who drew me closer to God; some by leaving and others by sticking by my side. Some chose to walk the journey with me, others threw stones at me. One thing that I promised God is to pick up those stones and build staircases, bridges and pillars so that His work could continue shining even brighter.

Many questions have been asked about how its been possible. Most of these questions are challenging to answer directly (Yes/No) because one thing I am sure about is that I found my purpose in life and I am fulfilling the requirements that God had and still has when He brought me to this earth and continues to keep me alive. I have passion for it and most of all the drive and energy keeps on increasing. Whoever has worked with me, through me or been following me will attest to this. If you are still struggling with discovering your forte, please read The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma.This guy has been a great friend of mine and this book is an ICON.

One amazing thing about what I do is that it just flows naturally. I always pray and thank God that He uses me as His instrument of development and for sure He always does. I dream dreams, some of which are amazing other so big that I get scared. As Robin Sharma advises in his book “Who will cry when you die” that your fears are your limits, so I set to surpass those limits by conquering my fears no matter how big or small they are. 

The beauty of it all is that most of them come to reality. I remember one of my nieces coming to ask me a question while I was deep asleep and I just woke up and started sharing about my dream into the future that there shall be a community resource center with a mega Library where all people could access. Also about how young vulnerable people would create jobs and develop my village and largely my country,  Kenya. After telling her the whole dream, I went back to sleep. This amazed her and she only told me about it after about 3 weeks. A year down the line, this dream came to reality. Many more still come and pass and I thank God for all this. 

I appreciate what God has granted me so far. I love competition but with only one person-ME. I set and signed an agreement that I shall not compete with anyone else in the world and that agreement stays put. Through this, I have seen limits/ problems become challenges which I have tackled bravely and surpassed them. Some comrades have tried competing with me and I always sit back, watch them struggle very hard. This is usually very comical and I always pray that they discover sooner than later what it is costing them given that I am not a competitor to them. In a game, you can only win if you have a competitor or more. Have seen people get frustrated due to this, some, on discovering have become great comrades and we work together towards a common goal while others get frustrated and start fighting only to realize that I am not wiling and ready to do so. Others have used cunning ways through innocent people but God has been so kind to them and to me that I discover and withdraw. I pray for such people that they find their true purpose in life.The beauty of all this is that there is continued growth and development. 

The big challenge to you my friend is: Have you found your purpose in life?